All you need to know About Neublick

Neublick was formed through a synergy between years of research precision, electronics and communications expertise, and media know-how. We specialize in the development of high technology sunlight readable LCD display solutions with very high brightness and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This unique technology dominates the small industry of super bright LCD screens that are extreme temperature tolerant, rugged and with a wide range of sizes (3.5” - 46”).

We help our clients improve their overall business through the windows of our sunlight readable displays. Whether you are an OEM, commercial user or professional partner, we have a range of LCD display solutions to meet your needs.

We believe in business continuity, therefore after sales service is an essential part of our team. Our sales, marketing and technical teams work closely together to constantly develop new and creative solutions to enhance the market’s needs. Our client’s feedback contributes to our source of innovation.

to bring visual possibilities to the max with our high bright displays

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