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Neublick Touchscreen

The Neublick Touchscreen is Neublick's latest addition to its innovative product range. The lightweight Neublick Touchscreen can be applied to a window, glass, acrylic, rear projection screen and any other non-metallic material. Used in confunction with a projector or Neublick's LCD, a revolutionary touchscreen experience is created.

Product features:

  • Wide range of screen sizes up to 100 inches
  • Not affected by external light conditions
  • Easy installation with permanent or portable options
  • Can be used with thick glass (16mm single construction, 25mm double glazing)
  • Works even with gloved hands
  • No external wire or devices as all components are situated behind the glass

Point N Tap

Point N Tap is Neublick's proprietary Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled tap points. The tap points allow users to download content onto their NFC enabled smartphones with a simple action. Examples of content are information, videos, e-coupons, surveys etc. Merchants can remotely control what type of content to be uploaded onto the tags and collect important customer data analytics. The tags have been deployed in kiosks, shopping malls, and digital smart posters.

The Neublick Touchscreen

The Neublick Touchscreen

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